Epic TripleX 3way Digital Door Lock

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Pin+RFID Card Authentication

1. Defect free, strong sturdy door lock.
2. Strong & durable body components.
3. Automatic lock ; relock ; dual lock features.
4. Random number feature.
5. Multi-touch number feature.
6. Multi password ; smart key registration function.
Password : you can register pin number easily.
Guest password : one time usage pin number for guest.
Smart Card : use the smart keys included in the set right a
7. Auto cover authentication.
8. Adjustable volume setting with muting features.
9. Highly visible white light button.
10. Emergency battery function (9v battery).
11. Anti-shock ; anti-fire ; anti-hacking system.
12. Sub-type door lock.No handle door lock
13. Guest Pin Number
14. Safe Register Feature
16. Up to 100 RFID Card Registration
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